Saturday, March 6, 2010

toledo, madrid, padre

so, this morning we woke up without any power in the apartment. thank god it's not as cold as it was before, otherwise we'd probably freeze our little tooshies off without the small amount of warmth our heater gives off in the place. turns out it can't get fixed till monday, which means we had to transfer all of our refrigerated groceries into the other apartments' fridges. kind of annoying, but it's also a good diet! to literally not be able to eat without running down a few flights of stairs! maybe ill just keep my food down there even after we get our electricity fixed..
but! that was not the point of this entry, just a little side note i spose. this past week my dad came to visit!! it was awesome. probably the first time we've traveled together since i was 10, and it was a weekend trip to the Poconos (fishing, canoeing, hiking, awesome things like that) AND NOW we're traveling around spain together, drinking sangria and watching flamenco shows and the like.
plus we went to this soccer game in madrid (madrid v valencia) which was SO. FRICKIN. AMAZING. I'd been to soccer games in the states, but they've all been women's game and the fans at a woman's team game are not at all comparable to european fans. haha even as i type that it's so obvious it makes me chuckle just a little bit. but holy crap, the energy of this stadium was unreal. practically every fan was smoking a cigarette or cigar and spewing sunflower seed shells all over the place, any time the goalie for valencia even touched the ball everyone would start yelling, "puta!!" (which means bitch in spanish), and an actual fight broke out right in front of me and my dad when one drunken valencia fan with a huge team flag jumped up right after valencia scored and started yelling, "sí! valencia sí!" haha their poor girlfriends had to break them apart, and the fight was over in like 2 minutes. then at half time everyone got out their huuuuuge sandwiches wrapped in tin foil and ate like a big ol' family at thanksgiving. crazy.