Thursday, December 17, 2009

america things

So after spending approximately one hour and ohhhh I don't know, 35 minutes? on editing this stupid blog, I realize that I have a lot of studying to do.

finals, papers, bla bla bla...
It seriously all seems so unimportant in comparison to the amazing few months I'm going to be spending abroad. Seriously, finals? The sociolinguistics of the Spanish language? The proper accentuation for esdrujulas y graves? The zeitgeist of La casa de Bernarda Alba? Quite honestly, I don't give a poop.

All I can think of is Spain; being nervous and excited and scared shitless and intrigued and every emotion. Preparing...packing...making lists for packing... haha and, of course, making sure I have the perfect color combination of fonts and background colors for my blog. Can't study abroad without that!

But I really shouldn't be doing all that, and I really shouldn't be writing this blog, because I just have three more finals tomorrow and then I'm done! And THEN, then! I can focus on Spain and all that it entails.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

acceptance is sweet.

This feels pretty weird, as I've never made a blog before. It's like this public diary on view for everyone so I'm still thinking a lot about what I'm actually writing. But I'm sure that feeling is going to wear off after a few more entries...

I'm probably not going to be making another blog for another few months, when I'm in.....SPAIN!!!! Right now just dealing with all the stress of VISA and passport and applications and physicals and blah blah blah. All within a few weeks? Possible? Well we shall find out now won't we.

Oh also, before closing, I want to thank my dear friend Colin Withers, III for bringing up the idea of a blog while studying abroad. I know that he will totally match every one of my entries while he's in Australia with all of those kangaroos and didgeridoos (tee.) and Crocodile Dundees and things.

Besos, Tess